What makes a good life?

What are our shared dreams for our children?

What is the role of school in achieving these?

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REENVISIONED is a movement to redefine the purpose of school.

Discussions about education are rancorous and critique abounds - yet many of the most profound questions aren't even being asked.  Forget for a moment the debates about accountability, and standards, testing and gaps.  Let's step back and ask the basic questions.  What do we really want for our children's lives, now and in the future?  What is the role of school in achieving that?  Does anyone even know? 

Are we even solving the right problems?

Schools today often suffocate the very qualities we cherish most in our children and ourselves: our curiosity, creativity, joy, empathy, desire to collaborate and to create.  There is considerable critique, fear, and anger about schooling today.  But few suggestions of positive ways forward. 

Positive change comes from a new vision.  Now, more than ever, we need new visions that reminds us of our collective hopes, dreams, and aspirations.  Shared vision emerges from talking about our true individual visions and values, which means we need a conversation about thriving individuals, a flourishing society, and what we truly want for schooling and our lives. 

10,000 Stories. One Shared Vision.

REENVISIONED is coordinating a massive school re-envisioning process with 10,000 people across the country.  We partner with schools, individual Catalysts, and community organizations to catalyze, collect, and share interviews about what it means to live a good life and the role of school in doing this. 

By collecting these conversations we seek to understand our shared values and dreams for our children.  By sharing these conversations we foster empathy for different perspectives. 

Ultimately, the shared vision will be used to re-frame the national conversation around schooling through direct visioning work with schools, policy advocacy, and a REENVISIONED book. 

Once we know our shared dreams, the possibilities are limitless.

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