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In a world that feels increasingly divided and isolated, taking time to connect and reflect in meaningful conversations about our shared dreams, aspirations, hopes, and fears, has the power to change the world.

REENVISIONED is a national movement to redefine the purpose of school.  We believe schools should foster flourishing individuals and a thriving democratic society.  But what does it mean to thrive or flourish? 

To answer this, we're building the world's largest collection of stories about what it means to live good lives and the role schools should play in helping create them: 10,000 stories from people across the country.  Rather than asking, "how would you reimagine school?" we believe you first have to ask, "What is the purpose of school?  What kind of society and lives are we trying to create?

Each conversation in and of itself contributes to new connections and reflection, but it's also part of a bigger project: we'll use the stories to distill common themes and learn about our shared values and dreams and to create a new vision for why we send our children to school and thus how we should be doing school. 

This is only the first step to making positive change, but it’s an essential step that has been ignored for too long.

We're excited you're here. 

We've created a Google Drive folder for you with all the support documents you need to get started.

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