The Transformation:


Want to re-ignite the passion of your educators and the curiosity of your students? 

Want to transform your school into an empowering environment for educators and students? 

We believe the right educators are already in schools.  Change is hard in any organization and top businesses don't do it on their own: they bring in coaches to help facilitate change.  We are currently piloting a transformational change process with a handful of schools.  This intensive, hands-on process empowers your team of educators to create a flourishing school learning environment. 

True change takes commitment and time.  Through a three-year dynamic coaching and facilitation process, we support your team to align around a shared vision and mission, and cultivate the mindsets and skills you need to solve your own challenges.  Together we will discuss how to apply current research and readings to create flourishing learning environments.  We work closely with you to develop your team's concrete skills in design thinking, leadership, storytelling, visual communication, creative problem-solving, and measurement - everything you need to unlock the potential of your staff and students. 



Ready for change but maybe not quite THAT much change?


Come to INSPIRED!: A Think-in for Doers and a Do-in for Thinkers.

Leadership is about asking the right questions. Great leaders move beyond constraints, give form to ideas, create a collaborative spirit, and craft a vision for the future.  InspirED provides the mindsets and tools to reshape educational challenges into productive paths toward creative solutions. 

InspirED is an unparalleled professional development adventure where innovations in design thinking meet the real challenges of modern education.  Guided by nationally recognized leaders in design and education, you will harness your innate leadership skills (THINKING) and develop practical tools (DOING) allowing you to unleash a new vision for your school or district. Bring your team and learn to push the boundaries of what's possible.

The school you imagine is InspirED to create it.