The Movement


We believe a new vision only emerges when thousands join the conversation and together we share our stories, hopes, dreams, fears, and aspirations -  for our lives and our schools.


10,000 Stories.  One Shared Vision.

While founded by graduate students at Stanford's Graduate School of Education, we believe a new shared vision cannot be created by experts: it must emerge from the deepest values and dreams of students, parents, educators and community members across the country.  The movement involves three levels of action:

1.  Catalyze Conversation


We partner with individual Catalysts, schools, community organizations, and non-profits to gather the stories and perspectives of 10,000 people across the United States.

2.  Foster Empathy & Perspective Taking


We share these diverse perspectives, dreams and stories through our website and social media, as well as larger events and talks.

3.  Emerge a Shared Vision


We will analyze the interviews to find themes in our shared dreams about what a good life is and the role of school in fostering it.  These themes will be developed into a new vision, which we will use to reframe the purpose of schooling through our social networks, a book, policy advocacy and national campaign.

Our Work: How We're Getting There


Individual Catalysts

We train and support individual Catalysts to interview and share the stories of people in their communities using our carefully designed interview protocol.  Catalysts become part of a growing network of changemakers dedicated to systems change in education.


We partner with schools, community organizations, and non-profits to facilitate a personalized collective visioning process. We help education organizations build a vision and theory of change, while also becoming part of the larger REENVISIONED movement. 

For schools, the collective visioning process is a powerful way to engage students, educators, and parents in a meaningful, positive conversation about your mission, vision, and values while also becoming part of a larger movement.  Students get to see their work and voices shared with the world.


The Founding Team on "Why REENVISIONED?"

We believe a new vision is a fundamental first step to systems change.

Ready to Join the Movement?

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