Megan, Stanford Student, CA

What role do you think schooling should play in achieving a ‘good’ life?

I think school should give you tools to be able to live whatever life you want to live.  So some of those are basic tools, but beyond that it’s exposing you to many different things so you can find out where your passion is.  Teaching you to think critically so you’re able to refine that passion and make sure you’re doing things that are really going to have positive impact on both you and others.  I think school should be reaffirming to who you are.  I think all schools should start from that place of growth mindset, and that everyone has unique and unlimited potential to tap into.  And it should make you feel that way.

 What is the purpose of education—for an individual or for society? 

I think it’s really about growth—both personal growth and growth as a society.  I don’t think that schools can single-handedly solve issues in our society, but I think that school both inspires and prepares the individuals who will.  The school system can’t work alone or in isolation.  But what it should do it get people interested in social issues, or innovation or tech, and then give them the tools to be the leaders who will help solve these issues. 

Anica BilisolyComment