Brenda, Mother, Hair Stylist, CA

Imagine your child (or one you care about deeply) is now in their 30s – out of school and starting into adult life.  What do you hope for them about their life?  What would make it a ‘good’ life?

Part of that would be for them to go work of course, but something that they love to do. I want them to have a career and love what they are doing. I don’t want them to look at numbers I want them to be happy with the decisions they have made and with the career path that they want to take.

Do you think everyone agrees with you about what a good life is?

I feel personally and with people I talk to, they want their kids to be successful. They want doctors and they want lawyers. They want something that pays a lot of money and they forget about what the kid feels you know? What does the kid want, right? Of course kids are going to try to satisfy their parents but then they aren’t focusing on what they want to do so I feel that with my kids, I would want them to be happy with whatever they are doing. If they are painting, if they are singing - whatever it is – I want them to thrive at that career. 

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