Big Shift #1: Symptoms to Systems - January 2018 Newsletter


Happy New Year 2018! 

We hope your holiday season was rejuvenating and filled with joy.

We're starting the new year focusing on the first big shift in thinking required for real change in education: Symptoms to Systems. So much of our time in schooling and school reform is spent addressing symptomatic issues, while the real systems problems get ignored.  I've written a Medium thought piece explaining the shift, Tye Ripma wrote this REENVISIONED blog piece on his experience as a behavior specialist in schools, and you can see my interview explanation in the video below.

In other exciting news, we've officially become a project underneath the SchoolFwd Foundation!  Amongst other great benefits  of the collaboration, this means any donations you make to support the movement are tax-deductible!

As always, please consider getting involved: become a REENVISIONED educator, join our book club, make a donation, or help us grow by sharing what resonates with you on social media.  Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this month's Big Shift.



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From the outside, Palo Alto, CA seems just about perfect. Set at the center of Silicon Valley, this very wealthy suburb is home to many of tech’s world-changing-entrepreneurs-turned-billionaires that one reads about in the papers. It is a beautiful suburb, with year-round good weather, quiet tree-lined neighborhood streets, low crime, and Stanford University’s campus in its midst.

But beneath the veneer of perfection is a troubling trend...


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“Real change in schooling will require we move from addressing symptoms to shifting systems.” —  New thought piece by @erinlynnraab @REENVISIONED on how to start systems change: #edchat

"Although my job was to treat the behavior of the child, the child was not the real problem – a schooling system that requires Ss to behave in ways that are developmentally inappropriate was the problem." - New @REENVISIONED blog by Tye @tyeripma #edchat


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Partner with REENVISIONED to pilot our instructional unit that has students engage in an active meaning-making research process around the purpose of school. Geared toward high school students, this 1-2 week unit has students ask meaningful questions and reflect on the purpose of life and school.  They practice important skills by interviewing each other and adults in their lives, distilling key themes from evidence, and communicating findings to a broader audience.

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"Want to change student behavior? Stop treating symptoms and start shifting systems."

by Tye Ripma

A few years ago, I was the behavior specialist called in to work with a child.  Kyle was 9, in third grade, and he was academically inclined - already reading books meant for fifth graders.  But he was totally disengaged from school.  He would wander around the classroom all day – picking up materials and looking them over, taping his fingers together, or poking classmates with rulers.
Teachers, you may find this story familiar. As the district behavior specialist, I encountered dozens of children just like this....

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#EdLeader Michelle Rhee

"I have been a person who I think has been used effectively in that divisive dynamic, right?  People all the time would use my name and say, 'People like Michelle Rhee believe in X, Y, Z.' 

Half the time — more than half the time when I hear that stuff, I think, 'Actually, that's NOT what I believe.'...The crazy thing about it is that in some ways everybody is a little bit right, and nobody is all the way right."

- Michelle Rhee, Founder @ Students First

Read the full interview here.


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