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Lysa, Administrator & Educator, Mother, CA

“Often when I visit classrooms, I ask the kids, "What are you learning about?  How are you going to know when you know it?"  And then I ask them, "*Why* are you learning about it?" 

Too much of the time the "why" is because some adult told them to.

Even in like really creative classrooms.  And I wonder about that.  What kind of learner does that lead kids to become?”

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Lysa, Co-Principal, CA

The way we do school is really old fashioned and out of date and that's why often students find it irrelevant and boring.  If we did it really differently, and maybe listened to what you guys want more, it might work better and be more fun.  Fun is a good thing - slow learning and having learning be fun is positive.  Somehow it seems like people want it to be torture and not fun - I don't think life is too short for that.

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