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Kalela, High School Student, CA

All throughout my life I have dealt with a lot.  I switched schools a lot and I've seen and know when teachers are just working for a check or actually trying to make a difference in  students’ lives.  I've seen teachers put down students for the way they speak or learn or think and it's not right.  I feel like we should open more alternative schools like ours - not as continuation schools, but as just a regular school option for kids to have a safe place to learn and grow into mature adults.

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Lysa, Co-Principal, CA

The way we do school is really old fashioned and out of date and that's why often students find it irrelevant and boring.  If we did it really differently, and maybe listened to what you guys want more, it might work better and be more fun.  Fun is a good thing - slow learning and having learning be fun is positive.  Somehow it seems like people want it to be torture and not fun - I don't think life is too short for that.

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Gerri, High School Instructional Aide, CA

I was doing a lot of writing and poetry and Mrs. McGovern just encouraged me.  She was like "you're a really good writer" and she just kept encouraging me to write.  Nobody had ever said that to me before - and nobody said that to me after that either - when I was in school. I felt like for the first time a teacher saw me for who I was rather than just a kid in a in a chair. 

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