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Kalela, High School Student, CA

All throughout my life I have dealt with a lot.  I switched schools a lot and I've seen and know when teachers are just working for a check or actually trying to make a difference in  students’ lives.  I've seen teachers put down students for the way they speak or learn or think and it's not right.  I feel like we should open more alternative schools like ours - not as continuation schools, but as just a regular school option for kids to have a safe place to learn and grow into mature adults.

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Hannah, High School Student, CA

"I think what’s really important to get out of school is a love for learning. I honestly don’t think that school teaches you that and I think that it just teaches you a system where everyone participates to get a good grade, to get into a good college, and get to where ever they want to go in life without actually caring about the work they are doing."

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