Antonio, High School Student, CA



"I would say a good life includes financial security, having people that you care about, and probably just a safe place to live."

Antonio is a high school student in California.  He was interviewed by his classmate, Jackie, as part of a #schoolpartnership collaboration with REENVISIONED, through which students across the country are reflecting and sharing on their ideas about school.

So tell me about how your friends would describe you?

They might say I am shy, but I also can be funny and like loud and I just like to have fun.


How would your family describe you?

My family would probably describe me as like stubborn. I don't really like like being told what to do - that's something I don’t like.


Can you take me through your day at school today or yesterday?

Yeah, so today I came to school. I went to class and we watched a movie about colonialism in advisory. Then I just went to my next class which was act production and in that class we went to the garden and worked with children from Monarch which is the elementary school and that's pretty cool, after that we went to lunch, then after that I'm here right now doing this interview.


What is the best and worst part of your school day?

I would say that the best part was eating food.  Then the worst part of my day... there's nothing that I particularly dislike - it was a normal day.


What time do you feel most alive at school ?

Probably when I'm able to spend time with my friends.


Now, imagine you're all grown up let's say 30 years in the future  are right on them essential things that you think make it a successful life?


I would say financial security, having people that you care about, and probably just a safe place to live.


How do you imagine your parents answer about what would make a good life is similar or different from yours?

Just about the same.


What would you like school to do, ideally, to help get that good life?

I just hope that I can graduate on time or possibly early so I can pursue a career that I enjoy.

 Do you think this will help you why or why not ?

Not directly, but I do feel like it'll help me graduate and then I'll be able to start pursuing the things that I'm interested in.


Will your school play that role for all students in this school? Why or Why not?

It will work for most people but not for everyone. Some kids need different things to help them succeed, but it will work for some kids I think.


What do you think is most important thing you're learning?

Stuff related to math. Even though I don't enjoy it, math is used a lot in the real world.


Who has been your favorite teacher till now and why ?

I'd say Dominic has been my favorite teacher. He's always kind of he asks like about how I'm doing like he really cares and I just like his style of teaching.


Can you tell me about a time when you learned something and felt really good and empowering like you just wanted to keep learning more this doesn't have to be in school it can be outside of school or after you finish?

I can't think of anything immediately I guess learning about history is interesting to me but I wouldn’t call it empowering necessarily.


 Why do you think we have schools as a society ?

I think it's for multiple reasons.

I do think it's so our general public is educated - so make sure people learn stuff.  But then I also think it's also because parents that need to work can't be caring for their children at all times, so it is a form of child care.


Is there anything I didn't ask that you expected me to ask but did it or that I should have?

I don't think so you did a good job, thank you.

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