Isaiah, High School Student, CA


I want school to provide me with the tools necessary - such as the knowledge and the know how - to be able to make it on my own when there is no one else who can help me.

Isaiah is a high school student in California.  He was interviewed by a fellow student, Jose, as part of a #schoolpartnership #studentvoice project with REENVISIONED, in which students interview each other and adults in their lives, and reflect together on school and what makes a good life.

Jose: Hello, What is your name?

Isaiah: Hello, my name is Isaiah.


Jose: Question one how would your friends describe you how would your family describe you?

Isaiah: I feel my friends and my family describe me as a nicer fellow, a term that I've heard a lot from myself, however I cannot determine. Another has been humble, funny, and I've been told that I can do very good work, however I realize that for myself it can take awhile for me to take that first step so while I am a hard worker it is hard for me to be a motivated one.


Jose: Question two. now imagine you are all grown up, let's say thirty, what are three central things you think would make a good life?

Isaiah: I feel having a job, a loving family, and the third and final being a sense of accomplishment in this whole world.  Together these would be something that could suffice and make a happy life.

Jose: Care to elaborate on those three things?

Isaiah: Having the high paying job to have the money to go out and afford the finer things you know the nicer things in this life.

A loving family.  You know, you meet somebody you can share with and adore and just create experiences and memories with and who provide happiness.  And, maybe one point...I don't know, just share life.

And, the third,

a sense of accomplishment when you are older. Having the feeling and knowing that you've really gone somewhere - you've really contributed to society.  That you've left your lasting mark on the world and you've just really done something special.


Jose:  Now, a little bit of a follow up question: How do you imagine your parents might answer about what would make a good life - would it be similar to yours?

Isaiah: I feel it would be similar.  There are good jobs to pay for things and be happy. 

And, well you know how the saying goes, “happy wife, happy life”, as the folks would say. 

And finally, the sense of accomplishment, feeling as though you've established something or at least your place on this earth with maybe even a legacy to leave behind.


Jose: Question three, what would you like school to do ideally to help you get to that good life?

Isaiah: Um...

I want school to provide me with the tools necessary - such as the knowledge and the know how - to be able to make it on my own when there is no one else who can help me.


Jose: Question four, do you think that this school will do that for you.

Isaiah:  Yes I do. I believe that Costanoa high school is a very, very, helpful - and you could almost say, interactive - school.  The teachers and students are working together for the success of many, and of individuals.  They really allow you to get there, and they help you with the first couple steps.


Jose: Question five, will your school play that role for all students in the school? if not, why not?

Isaiah: I believe it will for most however, there are a few select students that are unable to work despite having the tools in front of them.


Jose: And, final question, why do you think we have schools as a society?

Isaiah: I feel now it is to prepare students for life, as well as give students in the younger pool somewhat of an idea of how to be able to contribute to society. However, I think it goes up to a point of where you should specialize what skills are being learned and how you can use them efficiently for later in life.


Jose: thank you.

Isaiah: thank you.

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