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Amy, Director @ ReSchool Colorado, CO

"So, I'm going to talk about her I think. I think where the system is falling short for a kid like my daughter is it doesn't give kids the chance to push themselves outside the boundaries of school. Her current high school doesn't give them opportunities to go out into the field to learn. Doesn't encourage them to really do a lot concurrent enrollment. The system still wants to contain the experience for the learner in that school or that environment. And that is a real challenge, because our world is not contained like that. And it used to be more contained, but it's not any more."

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Ada, Public Education Partner, CA

...My perspective is shaped by seeing the effects that working in the fields does to the body. And just how difficult it is, generally. And being the daughter of immigrants, as well, is another story. I remember something my dad told me. We’re so important to society, and yet we’re not treated as important. I mean, they are providing the food for the entire nation to eat, and yet they’re not provided with any other rights... So given that economic reality growing up, I think pretending that education is not for a more economically secure future is silly.

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Jeff, Researcher, School Founder & Father, CA

"That's the major pivot, is that schools become much more about relationship and much more about listening to, protecting, and wrapping our arms around children. And then those are the outcomes we chase, those are the things we measure. The depth and quality of relationships amongst the children, that they feel cared about, loved and protected."

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