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Steve, Founder @ Classroom 2.0, NC

I think school in its ideal form provides a variety of opportunities, and provides a belief in the innate capacity of every child.  Schools that have a variety of opportunities for individuals to flourish and then see every child as having potential and capacity really can make a huge difference for a child. I don't think that's how most schools work... We say that school is empowering, but largely we act in very controlling ways.  So we use the language of empowerment, but we use actions of control.

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Daniel, Founder of Under A Tree, NJ

That’s the hardest part of it all: It’s not mean people making these decisions to hurt kids, it’s good people, decent people, people who genuinely believe themselves to be doing the right thing who are all kinds of caught in the system where they’re having to mediate and turn the same crank because of the consequences. ... That’s where the struggle is. It’s not between good people and bad people, it’s between all of us as just people trying to do the best we can and having very, very different opinions about what that looks like.

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Jeff, Researcher, School Founder & Father, CA

"That's the major pivot, is that schools become much more about relationship and much more about listening to, protecting, and wrapping our arms around children. And then those are the outcomes we chase, those are the things we measure. The depth and quality of relationships amongst the children, that they feel cared about, loved and protected."

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Laura, Mother, Founder & Creative Director @ Mooseherd Productions, NY


"Success looks different for everyone. For me, it’s about self-sufficiency, both emotionally and financially, as well as having confidence in yourself. Success is more of an emotional state than an end point. I also understand that Maisie may feel differently about success than I do—she will have her own definition and if that’s what brings her joy, then I support that."

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