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Toni, VP @ TJX & Mother of 2, MA

" It's not just about an individual sitting at their desk learning; it's about how they work as a collective group, support each other and learn from each other. They should be able to learn about their roles in supporting their community, which can often just be their classroom and then eventually the wider community. They should be asking: how are we affecting our planet? How are we affecting all members in our community?"

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Tishuna, Mother of 3, GA

"I would also want them to give back to their community, like having youth programs for underprivileged kids who can’t afford certain activities.  I would want them to empower young kids, to build their self-esteem and teach them strategies for how to hang in there and not give up."

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Anica BilisolyMother, GA, South
Nancy, Mother and Retired Service Design Consultant, FL

“Schools shouldn’t try to compare children. Both my daughters were very different students. My sister and I were the same way. I had some of the same teachers as my sister, and I’ll never forget that one day I spelled the world nickel wrong (I’m still not sure if it’s –el or –le), and my teacher said “A sister of Pat’s spelling nickel wrong?” At this time, my sister Patricia was getting her PhD in Chemistry.”

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Laura, Mother, Founder & Creative Director @ Mooseherd Productions, NY


"Success looks different for everyone. For me, it’s about self-sufficiency, both emotionally and financially, as well as having confidence in yourself. Success is more of an emotional state than an end point. I also understand that Maisie may feel differently about success than I do—she will have her own definition and if that’s what brings her joy, then I support that."

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Linda, Mother, Retired Teacher, MN

"To me, happiness is family, and friends, and doing something that’s meaningful in your life.  And it’s also partly making enough money that you don’t have to worry about things.  You can do the things you want to do.  You don’t have to worry about your next meal or how you’ll pay for your kids’ college.  You can afford the necessary things and some fun things as well."

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