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Scott, City Councilman, FL

"Who knows!  When you talk about the 80’s in Miami, a lot of dangerous stuff was happening - who knows what kind of trouble I could’ve gotten into - jail, getting shot, who knows. That teacher turned me around, and showed me that there was a positive way to expend my energies. So when I got elected in 1999 I had him come administer the oath of office to me, because no doubt, he’s responsible for that. That’s a pretty powerful example of school making a difference - one individual making a difference."

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Nancy, Mother and Retired Service Design Consultant, FL

“Schools shouldn’t try to compare children. Both my daughters were very different students. My sister and I were the same way. I had some of the same teachers as my sister, and I’ll never forget that one day I spelled the world nickel wrong (I’m still not sure if it’s –el or –le), and my teacher said “A sister of Pat’s spelling nickel wrong?” At this time, my sister Patricia was getting her PhD in Chemistry.”

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