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Hao, Software Engineer, Father of 3, WA

Modern society only moves forward because of school, where you learn something...Schools give you broader exposure. So hopefully, when a person gets educated, they’re not just looking for a job. A school also broadens that person’s vision. The resources that school provides helps nurture a child and trains them into someone that can contribute to society, and reach a better life. That vision of a better life comes from schooling – where they get exposure to new ideas and new topics. So you hope that school would help nurture the next generation to benefit America or the community.

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Phong, Senior Compliance Officer, Father of 2, MN

I think formal schooling plays a vital role but it’s one of many factors of a good overall education.  Students in school is like a chef at a grocery store.  Teachers provide the educational tools and some recipes.  Some students follow the recipe, and that’s okay.  Some students are more creative to take the raw ingredients to deviate from the recipes to create something wonderful and new. 

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Noah, Researcher, Father of 2, CA

We essentially decided it was better to have her happy in one language than unhappy in two...

We felt like the most important thing a school can do is keep alive her sense of curiosity and sense of enthusiasm for learning.  Which, I think, most kids at that age have.  There’s a natural joy to most five and six year-olds.  They like to play and enjoy engaging in new things.  If the school can keep that alive in them and not “school” it out of them, we figured that would be the best possible thing. 

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Rob, Political Philosopher, Father of 2, CA

Part of me thinks, is it the education system that generates the lack of opportunity or is it something else?  Is it a social problem?  The answer is, yes, obviously, yes.  ... I don’t see any reason why schools can’t give her the skills to pursue her dreams, but will those dreams secure a good life anymore is what is in question. 

It can make her who she wants to be but I’m not sure if who she wants to be is going to be safe in the future.

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