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Stephanie, Law Student, NC

"I think the idea of the “standard child” or the “baseline child” or test score ranges...that’s all very limiting. It doesn’t leave room for the unique child, which is probably what we would be better off having. I think everything is so standardized and when you do that, you take away what’s on the fringes. What’s on the fringe is often times the most vibrant and most powerful.”

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Tishuna, Mother of 3, GA

"I would also want them to give back to their community, like having youth programs for underprivileged kids who can’t afford certain activities.  I would want them to empower young kids, to build their self-esteem and teach them strategies for how to hang in there and not give up."

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Anica BilisolyMother, GA, South
Nancy, Mother and Retired Service Design Consultant, FL

“Schools shouldn’t try to compare children. Both my daughters were very different students. My sister and I were the same way. I had some of the same teachers as my sister, and I’ll never forget that one day I spelled the world nickel wrong (I’m still not sure if it’s –el or –le), and my teacher said “A sister of Pat’s spelling nickel wrong?” At this time, my sister Patricia was getting her PhD in Chemistry.”

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Anica, Graduate Student and Former Teacher, CA

"Schools should push every child to be themselves, and give them the resources and support they need to pursue what they want to pursue. But also give them the space for them to figure that out for themselves. This is a difficult thing to do, but I think if schools are places of wonder and excitement, it’s okay if kids are on different levels."

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